How the best English speaking Institute deals with Vocabulary enhancement?

12 Oct 2016

How the best English speaking Institute deals with Vocabulary enhancement?

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An office boy at one of the Speakwell centers embarrassed the centre manager when he mentioned that the scented sticks are over and needs to be purchased. The centre manager was flummoxed when she heard that. Later on when she realized that he was meaning to say that the agarbatti was over, she was quite amazed. This boy had been listening to the faculty member teaching this in the class and was also reading from the Spoken Words book of Speakwell where he learnt this word and applied it in his sentence.
When somebody speaks in English or in any other language the use of words indicates the level of understanding of that person of that language. The words used by us while speaking makes the language sound good. When we speak a language the quality of our speech is judged by the words we use. This collection of words which are unfamiliar or difficult or rather artistic in style and technique is called the vocabulary. It gives a flavour to the talk and makes it sound interesting. All great speakers have excellent vocabulary and their speeches have profound effect on people not only because of the message it conveys but also because of the excellent words used in the speech and the fantastic way it is delivered.
For anybody seeking to improve their English language skills whether it is their spoken English skills or their written English skills they must focus on increasing their vocabulary. This is true for all categories of people whether beginners or advanced learners of spoken English. At Speakwell, we deal with vocabulary in two parts. The first part is basic vocabulary which deals with words related to common topics like amusement, treatment, seasons, etc. For early learners or beginners of spoken English this is an awesome way to get acquainted with the world of English. A good example of this is the office boy mentioned in the beginning of this article. Those who have never spoken a word of English feel elated when they are able to grasp a few simple words like names of known animals and birds and common things that they use in daily life like spices etc. even agarbatti.
Once the learner is a bit acquainted with the simple words and has also understood the grammar concepts then we expose them to more difficult words. Speakwell has dedicated an entire book called Word List, where the learner makes sentences out of such slightly difficult words. However, learning vocabulary is a life-long exercise. The word flummoxed was my learning of today and now that it has been applied, it has become part of my vocabulary. Unlike old times, when one had to refer to the dictionary to look up words, these days the editing software like Microsoft Word itself throws up similar words. Online dictionaries and Google itself are rich source of new words that can be incorporated into your vocabulary. Anybody who intends to improve their Spoken English has many easy ways to improve their vocabulary. All that one need is to have is a desire and the commitment.
Author: Is an entrepreneur who co-founded a Spoken English training company named Speakwell. He is actively involved in Skills development initiatives in the corporate & Govt. sector and is engaged with CSR initiatives for many well known companies.

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