Spoken English Vocabulary enhancement: Terms used while apologizing

21 Oct 2016

Spoken English Vocabulary enhancement: Terms used while apologizing

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Today apologizing has become an integral part of our vocabulary. There is none who can state that he/she has never had the occasion or incident that made them apologize to a fellow human being or vice- verse. There is no language or culture that does not indulge in the usage or practice of apologizing. Apologizing is an art in itself. It not only involves the presence of your mind but also the awareness of the gravity of the situation at that particular given time. Try expecting an apology from someone who has just stamped your foot while boarding the suburban local train in the rush hours of Mumbai. Oh!  My goodness wouldn’t you be the lucky one?

 At Speakwell, we have dedicated an entire chapter in the book on conversations dedicated to this topic. Speakwell is one of the leading Spoken English training providers in the country and has developed course material dedicated to the learning of English language. We have an audio visual lesson based on this topic and our students reenact these scenarios in the classroom as practice.

 Man being a social animal is in constant interactions with his/ her fellow being. These interactions tend to be artistic, eccentric and at times interesting and fascinating too. Over the years man has evolved into a more complex being and his demeanor has drastically changed. Today man has mastered the skills of communication and conversations. He has grown more profound in his etiquettes and knowledge. Likewise, his methods of apologizing to have greatly improved.

 One would be amazed at the different levels of apologies that are prevalent in English. A few examples are cited below.

Being formal

If you are writing to someone you don’t know too well, use of formal phrases is highly recommended.

  • I would like to apologize…
  • Please accept my apologies for …

While writing to a friend one can state

  • I am So Sorry
  • I am really Sorry…
  • I am Sorry but….
  • I am sorry that…

Bigger mistakes need a stranger apology

  • I do apologize for ..
  • I must apologize for ..
  • I sincerely apologize for …

Another form of apology is used when conveying the sad or bad news to people.

  • Unfortunately
  • Forgive me.
  • I am afraid…
  • Due to reason beyond my control…
  • I regret to inform you…
  • My deepest/ sincere apologies…

As a matter of fact, one should apologize even while interrupting others. Phrases mentioned herein used should be used.

  • I beg your pardon
  • Excuse me

Despite having the many phrases for asking forgiveness, not everyone dares to use it.  Many feel vulnerable at the time of apologizing. It is widely believed to be a process most essential for calming of one’s soul. It being relieved from the guilt of having done something wrong or having committed a mistake.

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