The CSR managers are challenged with the task of identifying right opportunities to invest their CSR budgets. One of the avenues available to these decision makers is to invest the CSR budget in education and skill development. The CSR managers seek areas which align with their company’s vision, values and investment philosophy. Education and skills training remains one of the best options.

Recently, a leading outsourcing company chooses to adopt 5 low-income schools and impart English language training to the under privileged kids. Being in the outsourcing industry their bent of mind towards spoken English training was high and they wanted to make a contribution to the society around the locations where they had their offices. They chose Speakwell as their CSR partner to implement this project. For certification, the CSR team had invited their CEO to hand out the certificates. The CEO was extremely delighted to see such visible changes in the kids and immediately decided to extend this across 20 more schools.

Another prominent financial services company which operates in rural India chose to impart English language training to a group of 50 kids in one of the rural cities of Maharashtra and in phase 2 extended it to more than 18 cities across Maharashtra. Again this project was executed by Speakwell as their CSR partner. Two well-known builders in Mumbai offered Spoken English training to more than 600 people in suburban Mumbai as part of their CSR efforts. They provided the candidates with a voucher which could be en-cashed at one of the 60 plus Speakwell centers in Mumbai and outskirts of Mumbai.

Many more companies and their CSR managers are finding investment in spoken English training for their beneficiaries as an ideal case of quick impact and measurable change due to their CSR investment. Speakwell has been a trustworthy partner in the effort by these companies seeking to roll out such projects. Speakwell has been working on the spoken English weakness for the masses who are looking for upward mobility within the social pyramid. With this understanding of this class of the society, Speakwell is the right partner for such CSR projects.  Speakwell is one of India’s reputed brand of spoken English and vocational skills training network with accreditation from NSDC, Govt. of India’s skill development agency under the Prime Minister’s Skill India project. Speakwell has also been accredited by several Sector Skill councils for training in those sectors. Speakwell offers training in Retail and BPO sectors. With all these accreditations and vast experience of training more than 2 lakh students over the last 10 years, Speakwell is an ideal CSR partner for companies looking to invest their CSR funds in skill development projects.

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