Foundation Module

English Foundation Module offers the students an opportunity to take their first step in their journey towards fluency in English language. This high quality intensive training helps the students to come out of their shell and speak English with confidence.

Spoken English

This book helps you learn basic words used in daily life. These words are a good starting point for a person to make sentences & start conversations. This books takes your vocabulary to the next level.

Preparatory Grammar

This book takes you through the basic grammar concepts such as types of sentences, nouns, verbs, etc. An understanding of grammar along with the new words you learn, will lay the foundation for your conversation exercises.

Advanced Grammar

This books helps you learn about the various parts of speech such as nouns, pronouns articles, prepositions, etc. along with tenses. This is where you actually start making complex sentences with proper tenses.


Students learn to translate tenses from Hindi, Marathi and Gujarati by themselves through application of rules for different tenses.

Conversation & Comprehension

This book helps students learn basic conversation on various daily topics such as travelling, sharing likes and dislikes, seeking direction, inviting, thanking, etc. Students learn to make their own conversations on such topics. These scenario are practiced in the class amongst the student for their conversation exercises. They also enhance their understanding of the language through reading and listening comprehensions.

Formula Chart

While applying grammar to the sentence formation, it helps if you can remember some kind of a formula method to learn these rules. Once you become fluent, you will not need these but while learning to speak it helps a lot. We provide a formula chart which can be used by the beginners learning in the foundation module in formulating their sentences.

On completion of this course, one can speak and easily converse with anyone in basic English words and sentences. This foundation level prepares you for the next step which is English fluency.