Last Wednesday, was an enthralling event at our Speakwell Centre in Jogeshwari East. One of my students, Ms. Shafaq celebrated her birthday in the class. She placed an order for several Pizzas, on the telephone. Wow! She had spoken in fluent and excellent English. She had used ready dialogues from Pg 43 of the Speakwell Conversation Book, titled ‘Telephone Talk’. This occurrence indicates a profound influence of our Conversation Book, on anybody who reads and emulates it.

The student has learnt the Grammar concepts and vocabulary; now the student is ready to practice the conversation lessons. The artistic usage of words on the basis of their aquired knowledge of vocabulary and appropriate dialogues will lead to some great conversations. The flowery sentences used by one, makes the language sound good. Like recently, we had an awesome Quiz competition of sentences from the above said book. The participants had a great-time competing amongst themselves on this new found prowess in a language they themselves had admittedly been weak at. Initially, we made three teams, among the students- A, B and C. One of the students became the host. The Quiz began, The host selected and announced a word from the previous sentence. The next team had to form a new sentence (recollecting from the Conversation Book), using that particular word. The sequence went on and soon there was a great collection of interesting sentences. The students listened carefully to every sentence. They understood the order of the words; and how to form different sentences. Like the first team said, “I just called to confirm our meeting” (Pg 41). And the next team replied, “We will meet at 4p.m. sharp today”(Pg 41), the selected word being ‘meet’. The third team remarked, “You will find the Sports Club right on the main road”(Pg 33), the selected word being ‘will’. An excellent chain of dialogues and sentences were formed. It was a rich union of dialogues. The students were curiously listening. In this way, the student masters the technique of speech. He/ She will get a clarity of speaking in good English. They select the choice of words to fit the content. Throughout the world, when people of different languages come together, they use English to communicate. The English speaker is employable in any country. Job prospects are enhanced and the student finds more openings in various fields.

The results of the ‘Sign Game’ are always fantastic at our centre. This is an improvisation on the game dumb charades where team mates respond to the gestures. Students of one team decide a word from the Conversation Book and enact the gestures (sometimes two or three actions together). They cannot speak and should only communicate through gestures. While the other team can ask the questions only in English. They make their guesses and respond to the questions. Sounds of words and pronunciation is learnt. Besides the student thoroughly studies the rich words available in the Conversation Book. It’s a fantastic experience! It would render an amazing symbol of courage and confidence for the student’s successful Career.

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