English is a global language, incredibly spoken not only in the English speaking continents of US, UK, Canada, Australia, New Zealand but also by the population in countries where the mother tongue is other than English. For eg. India and many other Asian countries. English is the gateway to communication and global contacts all over the world. In other fields it is the passageway to studies. No wonder today more and more educational institutions and spoken English classes in pune are turning towards this medium of instruction.

Today the garb of English has changed its appearance.  For some it is for growth and transformation in lifestyle and career.  For others it is the required criterion to reach a certain position in life and reshape their lifestyle. For others still it is for the attitudinal transformation.

It has been observed among the numerous students that have passed out from technical and management institution that among the four important skills (speaking, listening, reading, writing) speaking is the most difficult for these students. And it is their lack of confidence, which is one of the main barriers that affect their oral performance and constrains their development and growth

What is Lack of Confidence?

Self Confidence is the trust or faith in oneself or in one’s abilities and lack of Self Confidence is just the opposite. Without the self confidence, a person lacks the capability to articulate his thoughts and make sentences. They start fumbling and loosing track of the thought and end up feeling frustrated with their own self. You may also describe this as hesitancy, wavering, faltering or apprehension.  All these words show one character. That the person does not believe in himself but rather have been internalizing the negative messages he has received all along.

Most of them come from a background that perceive English as the language for the intelligent and difficult to master it.  The weak foundations they have imbibed within themselves make them timid and create a fear within them that making mistakes is wrong and will be ridiculed and criticized. This fear makes them reluctant to express themselves openly.

So it’s paramount that trainers first create confidence in students, motivate them to perform and generate a positive, comfortable atmosphere and drill the axiom that making mistakes are okay as learning cannot happen without mistakes. That is precisely, what we do at Speakwell. We make the student come up in front of the class and start communicating with the classmates. Many of them cannot speak even a word. In such situations, the trainer involves the student by asking some pointed questions related to an area of comfort. Slowly, the student, over a period of time gets the comfortable speaking in front of his/ her own class. Slowly, their self confidence is improved. And it is easier for them to make mistakes. They do not feel intimidated. They start expressing themselves in faulty English. While we work on their confidence, in parallel we work on their knowledge of English grammar and make them adept in the understanding of making of sentences. They practice making sentences and also speaking in the class and within a period of 2 -3 months they start speaking in English. They may not be perfect in their English but definitely their confidence takes an upswing and their English would eventually get corrected as they keep encountering English language scenarios in their life.

Self Confidence plays a substantial role in the success of learning as it builds a good Self Image. And, once self Confidence has been created, self Esteem (opinion one has of oneself) will automatically breathe a new life. Self Confidence will build a good Self Image. And that will slowly move towards expressing oneself without the fear of making mistakes or being ridiculed.

Speakwell The best English Speaking Institute is a confidence building factory. Capability of English speaking is a by-product of this confidence factory.




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