Mobile or cell phones have a dualistic reputation. Some people may despite it and see it as a waste of time. However their importance cannot be denied when it comes to connecting the world at the disposal of your fingertips.

Cell phones are common and is used everywhere in your personal space, workplace or public place, it’s the world in you’re pocket. However, the major concern being is ‘How much is too much?’

Work ethics demand a certain degree of responsibility. The employee may or may not have the freedom to use their device based on the company’s norms. However, if the company has not put restrictions, it is the deemed responsibility of the individual to comply with their morals when using the phone.

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Following are some ways to handle your phone with the responsibility when at work and other places.

  1. Always keep your phone on silent or vibrate mode. Loud ringtones are an absolute no-no, its only a nuisance to your co-workers and boss. The office is a compact place with cabins and partitions. Sounds travel within the environment.
  2. During meetings and presentations make sure to provide your undivided attention to the other person, cell phone beeps, alarms, calls and notifications will distract you. This will lead to an embarrassing situation for you and your company. Thus it is necessary to keep your phone on voicemail, silent or airplane mode.
  3. Keep your office number handy with your family so that they will have an alternative number in case of emergencies. Keep your family and friends informed that casual calls are not entertained and do not bide with the office decorum.
  4. Avoid texting and social media posts during office hours. Selfies don’t go down well too with office etiquettes.
  5. It is important to respect people around you when you are in their proximity, go to a private corner and take your call if needed. Reduce the pitch and tone of your voice. Do not be abusive or sarcastic while speaking as there are people who are passing by you who can feel your impoliteness. A Bluetooth earpiece would not be advisable as we invariablytend to speak In case you need a ringtone keep it professional and only slightly audible your ears.
  6. At a Business lunch a cell phone should not play a part in the ambience.
  7. Do not read your messages or social media tweets under the table, do not check scores on your laptops. This may come as discourteous to the speaker.
  8. Never use your cell phone in the restroom.
  9. Sometimes too much usage may disrupt productivity of an individual. Being cautious about your moves is always advisable.
  10. Try not to use your camera, microphone or recorder at work, as you can accidentally pick up something of high importance concerning the confidentiality of the organization you are working in.

Work as a team player who has mutual respect for another individual. These etiquettes are appreciated in every workplace.


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