Festivals are time for meeting, eating and celebration. Festivals could be religious, state festivals or national festivals. Have you ever been confused on the right words to use while greeting someone? I once called up my friend who is a Muslim to wish him ‘Happy Muharram’. He explained to me that Muharram is celebrated as a mark of respect to Hussein ibn Ali, the grandson of Muhammad who was martyred. I too have faced similar situations when my friends have wished me for Good Friday which commemorates the death of Jesus Christ. Sometimes we could be confused if we should wish people or not. Even if we know and want to wish people, we struggle to use the right words as greeting or wishing each other varies from celebration to celebration.

Today, let us look at how to wish people for festivals. India is a diverse country with many religion and culture and we love our country for this wonderful and colourful nature.

Wishes and greetings can be passed to each other in many ways. Digital, through instagram, Sms, mails, whatsapp and ofcourse pick up the phone and wish, what better still if you directly meet and greet face to face.

The most colourful festival of India is Holi, you can feel the colours in the air, and people chanting Happy Holi, to each other, and along with this tag of happy holi you may add further ‘Let this holi bring plenty of colours in your life” or May God make your life as bright as the holi colours, or May your life has rain-bow colours.

Navroz Mubarak or Happy Navroz, is wished during the parsi New year and add on line can go as May each day of the new year you celebrate with happiness and vigour.

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The festival of Eid is celebrated after the ongoing fasting period of Ramzaan. Eid Mubarak is commonly said with an embrace or hug. You can use the Arabic word of Mamrookh. May you always stay blessed. May God grant you blessings in all your endeavours.

Ganesh Chaturti, Happy Chaturti  or ganpati bappa moriya as a way of greeting , but ofcourse why not with some showers of Ganpati bappa, you may add, may this festival bring in lots of prosperity into your lives or better still May bappa fulfil all your desires, and wishes .

For Onam, happy onam, is what is usually heard as wishes, but wish a keralite with “Onam Aashamsakal” and again to spice it up you can add on may this festival of harvest bring in abundance of prosperity into your lives.

Guru Nanak jayanti this festival is celebrated as the birthday of the first sikh guru, with a happy guru nanak jayanti you can even say Gurpurab di lakh lakh wadaii…

Easter, is the  festival celebrated after  Christ was crucified and was risen, it is celebrated by distributing Easter eggs, with happy Easter greetings…you can greet further with may this Easter bring in new blessed beginnings into your lives., or May this Easter give you a fresh new  happy start.

Deepavali, festival of lights is greeted with happy diwali, you can line it up with – May this deepavali lighten up your lives or may your life brighten up with lots of fresh blessed happenings.

Makkar sanskranti is also known as the festivals of kites, India being an agricultural country, most of our festivals are relate to the harvest time, makkar sanskranti is one of them..With a happy makkar sanskranti, til laddos are made and distributed among friends and families, with a tag line til gul ghya aani goud goud bola meaning eat til sweets and speak sweetly.

Mahavir jayanti is the birthday of king Mahavira, it is a very beautiful festival celebrated by the jains..On this day you greet each other by asking for forgiveness for the wrong doings to each other and a good way to reconnect and say sorry if you have hurt any one

Christmas, the birthday of Christ, goes with wishing Merry Christmas. Why not say it with a small pray. May the Lord bestow you with health wealth and prosperity.

For National festivals such as Independence day and Republic Day, each national should wish each other with Happy Independence to each other, it brings out the patriotism and unity among the nationals.

Here we have mentioned just some festivals of our country, but there are many more, and festivals bring happiness, it is also better to use this wishing or greeting during the festival time with small good wishes and small prayers. Happiness multiplies and a sense of brotherhood shall prevail among all.

I come to the end of this beautiful topic, hope you may have learnt how to wish others on different festivals.


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