Everyone likes to be appreciated. Something good said about them helps create a positive effect around the person. Also acknowledging someone’s good points helps create an atmosphere of empathy and mutual understanding. Compliments are powerful reminders that words of thoughtfulness are more impactful than false flattery.

Today we learn about some magical phrases that are cool and helpful in our everyday life. Phrases are a string of words that are put together to add meaning to a sentence often it is seen carrying a special idiomatic meaning; in this sense it is roughly synonymous with expression.

  1. Complimenting someone on their looks or style.

Examples – You look great today! You’re looking gorgeous! You look Amazing!

  1. When you compliment a subordinate, employee, student or child

Examples – I am proud of you! Good Job! Good Effort!

  1. Sometimes we are helped by someone who maybe a friend, relative or a stranger we say,

Examples – I appreciate your support. I am grateful! Thanks a ton!

  1. A gift or a token of appreciation will always beget a compliment. We have to be grateful to their helpful ways and therefore express our appreciation as we say.

Examples – Thank you! Ever so grateful

  1. Seeing somebody succeed at their work we say,the efforts they put in helps boost their confidence and in turn propels them to consistently work harder.

Examples – You are a winner! Great job! Amazing work!

  1. When something is done with little effort and the result is exceptional. We say

Examples – You’re a natural!

  1. For complementing someone’s home,

Examples – Nice Apartment! Beautiful Décor!Lovely Furniture / Colours!

  1. Complementing someoneon their cooking,

Examples – That was Delicious! Did you make it from scratch? You’re a fantastic cook!

  1. Compliments on Posession

Examples – That’s a cool phone! Nice shoes! You’re jacket looks nice!

Using these phrases will bring magic in your and peoples life around you.

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