Impromptu speaking! Easily an amazing way to give your immediate opinion truthfully. No thinking and manipulating your thoughts to make you socially acceptable. Impromptu speech is a swiftly organized thought stream where you speak on the spur of the moment.

1] To speak impromptu confidently, you need to read a lot. Read widely, voraciously, expansively on various topics. This time read books, novels, do serious reading. Read general knowledge books, information magazines, like the Times Magazine, India Today, National Geographic, Sportsbooks. Read books on management, inspirational books, religious books, thought-provoking books. As you read your knowledge will automatically increase. Read whatever you can lay your hands upon. Then you will be updated about the socio-economic scenario and on several subjects ranging from ancient history – geography to modern technology, religion, fashion, the Arts, etc. The topics are inexhaustible. You need to have an insatiable desire for knowledge. To speak out at an Impromptu event, you need to be a well-read person.

2] When you are speaking impromptu, be smart and alert. Organize your thoughts quickly. Be alert to all the knowledge you have. Understand the topic of discussion or dialogue you are about to participate in. Make it compatible to your train of thoughts. Only then will you be able to speak well, with eloquence and clarity of thought.

3] Before you can start speaking spontaneously, correct your English. The accent, intonation, pronunciation should be just right, otherwise you will feel embarrassed or nervous while speaking. Your English should be good if not perfect. However your knowledge of the information must be immaculate. Never use inverted or translated sentences. Keep your English simple. Try to use good vocabulary to impress but use it prudently.

4] Leave the baggage of nervousness behind. Know yourself, your capacity and your capability. Be confident in the knowledge you have. Do not be susceptible to criticism and learn from your mistakes which you must correct immediately. When you have to speak Impromptu, just stand up boldly and talk. The crucial tip is that till all your thoughts are collected, make witty small talk to hold everyone’s attention. Then begin your speech on the given topic. If you know the extempore subject well, then do not waste time. Go ahead, give it your best. Be ingenious when your grammar is going wrong and convert your sentence formation from complex to compound or simple. Using simple sentences will boost your confidence.

5] The most important factor which helps you to speak intelligently, is to remember and recall all the knowledge you have. When you read, read with interest and try to store the facts in your memory. When you come across some interesting incidents while reading, write them down or take a picture. This will assist you in your future reference. Reread them occasionally, if possible.

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When you want to do something correctly that makes you happy and proud of yourself, then be assured; you can and will do it. Where there’s a will there’s a way!!! So get up and speak impromptu, to impress yourself not others!


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