While we all are a bit nervous when it comes to speaking in English, but it doesn’t last long once you learn the trick that vanishes all your nervousness. English is an easy language once you get a hang of it. The first few times is going to be really tough, but after that I guarantee you, with daily practice you are going to make it. So here are a few tips that will help YOU!

  1. Don’t expect to be perfect.

So, when I say this, I don’t mean that you lose your confidence and be comfortable with making many mistakes what I  meant by this was to know that you will say something wrong and it’s okay to do that. And learn from them.

  1. Start talking to people around you in English.

This helps. When you start conversing with your friends or colleagues in English, it will create a big impact in your Life. Start with small words and then slowly start making sentences. Start with daily used sentences “How are you?” , “What is going on?” “Thank you.”

  1. Avoid being nervous about your nervousness.

Always remember that nervousness is a just a feeling, that it has no control over you. Stop thinking and stressing about  it. The more you think about it, the more controlling it becomes and we don’t want that. So go with the flow. Think about positive things like “I can do it”, “It’s okay to make a mistake”. Trust me, it has helped me a lot through the years. Always be positive.

  1. Don’t memorize each and every word.

For instance, if you’re talking to someone and you memorize the sequence of how the conversation is going to go, then as you something that was not mentioned when you were memorizing it, then what?? So always understand how the conversation goes and what are the sentences you can say. Be it if you’re talking about your Past, Present or Future. You should always act according to the situation.

  1. Improve your Pronunciation.

There are many ways you can do it, However the most common reason why someone might find it hard to understand you is not because you have a ‘strong’ accent, but because you’re speaking too fast! Learn to slow down to give the other person time to tune in to your accent, and to understand you more easily. So to do that you can start off by talking to yourself in the mirror. Sounds weird right? But this is going to help you a lot. Once you know the speed you talk to yourself it will be easy to pronounce the words.

  1. Think about the person you are most comfortable with.

This is my personal experience that we should think about the person we are comfortable with. When told to speak in a group, some closed my eyes and think of their mother or a close friend. And Viola! It helps.

  1. 7. Learn some daily used

If everything goes wrong, here are some phrases that would help you to start the conversation again.

“Sorry, but I didn’t catch what you said.”

“Sorry, Let me start again.” etc..

  1. Relax & don’t push yourself too hard.

Learning a language is a process that isn’t easy. It is going to take some time. When you have good days, you have bad days too which is totally fine. Pick yourself up in this situation and try harder.

These were tips to help you overcome your nervousness while talking in English. Enjoy learning!



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