The core of good ideas stems from the group discussion. What great decisions many minds can arrive at, is amazing. Corporate, business, technical, medical; all require ideas that are liked and substantiated by all.

A group discussion is more of a brainstorming session. Various ideas come up and when they are discussed by all, they can achieve the desired target. A dogmatic approach is definitely a big no for this group discussion. Much is lost when one has this preconceived notion that he knows everything, and must impose his knowledge on the rest.

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So sensitize yourself for a group discussion. While preparing, it is absolutely necessary to have an open mind and a positive attitude. Do not think that only you are correct, do not underestimate the people in your group. You never know who can come up with a masterstroke. Be open and give a chance or more to the colleagues in your group. Absorb their perspectives, ideas and thoughts in the discussion.

After knowing the topic entitled for your group discussion, start researching responsibly. Read from different materials- news magazines, newspapers, concerned books or take ideas from some interesting video you have seen. Gather relevant information. Be organized while thinking, researching and writing. Make notes and jot down all important points you think will help to make a good, sensible, solid article or write up.

Then prepare to write the notes for the discussion. You may use idiomatic speech, proverbs or quote the words of famous personalities. When your writing contribution is somewhat complete, share with the group for an eclectic mix of ideas. Then start your practice session. Read your notes aloud, correct your sentences, put an ear to your pronunciation. Find the correct meanings of all the words you are going to use, the use of technical words should be in the right place. Your intonations, style, facial expressions and motor movement should be impeccable. Speak in front of a friend or look into the mirror while speaking. Correct your mistakes immediately. Ask for an opinion with humility and feel confident and proud of your hard work.

If one realizes that he is just a dot in this great universe, he will be able to function better in society. Man is social by nature. He has to live in a society and thus group discussions are the most democratic approach in a civilized society.


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