English is undoubtedly a universal language, and the people around the world and people from around the world have a craze and at the same time, the necessity to learn it and praise its very roots of creation. Britain and America, however, have English as an uncommonly commonly language.

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British English and American English- 5 major differences

The given differences between the British and American English, here, will help you untangle your brains, till the time you join any of those best spoken English institute in Mumbai:

  1. Vocabulary: Vocabulary is the means of transmission of any of the language. British and American English, witness a lot of differences in their vocabulary, word formation etc. For example, what’s “car park” in British English, is “parking lot” in American English; “block of flats” in British English goes for “apartment building” in American English and so on. Although, we use these words as our knowledge of English only. We, seldom differentiate between them.
  2. Grammar: Grammar is the building block of any language; it’s not very surprising for us to know that these two languages even hold a very different command of their grammar too. The collective nouns, for instance, are taken up as singular in American English plural in British English. When it comes to Auxiliary Verbs, the British uses shall prominently, the Americans, though have knowledge about the “shall”, still prefer “will” primarily.
  3. Spelling: Spelling makes the structure of any word, word of the sentence and sentence leads to the spoken language. There is a difference in the way the same word, with the same pronunciation and meaning, is spelled. For instance, the word “colour” in British English and “color” in American English.
  4. Pronunciation: The above-mentioned point can be explained in a vice-versa manner here. The words having same spellings can be pronounced in a way totally different. ”Controversy” and “schedule” are for instance, are the words which are pronounced in a far different manner.
  5. Idioms: Idioms with the same meaning, framed out of the same, English language are not actually the same combination of words in American and British English. Example, “touch wood” in British language is “knock on wood” in the American

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