A lot of people stammer, falter or are at a loss for words when they have to express themselves, give their opinion or take part in a discussion. It is then that they realize that they lack the knowledge of the appropriate words. In the beginning, people wanting to learn English do not pay attention to expand their word stock but prefer using simple words that they know. This is a wrong perception. Words will flow if the toolbox of words in your mind is in abundance. Words are very important for communication and putting across ideas.

It is wrong to think that vocabulary is only for writers and speakers of fluent English. You don’t require high flown fancy words to get across your message or to communicate efficiently. Once there is a pool of words stored in the data processor of our brain then we can be very creative while speaking.

Research shows that behind success in any endeavor vocabulary level plays a big role.

  1. Learn one new word every day –Don’t be in a hurry to pick up many at one time. One word a day will help you to retain and memorize the word. After following this for some time, your vocabulary with expand. Remember, to move ahead you need to take one step at a time.
  2. Make a habit of reading a newspaperat least for 15 minutes every day- Read each word slowly and let the sound of the word echo in your ears. Read the passage again and again till the meaning sinks in your mind. Pick any one word from the passage and memorize it. It would be worthwhile to invest in a dictionary.
  3. Use the newspaper reference to make a sentenceand then once you have memorized it try to use it in a passage. Create a passage with the word in mind. In time to come, the passage should include as many new words as possible.
  4. Use a post it with the word to be memorized and carry it along with you while traveling by bus or train and try memorizing it. And while engaged in a conversation with friends try using the words.
  5. A lot of websitesnowadays offer free word games, simple puzzles. Try solving these simple word games.

At the end, expanding and bettering your vocabulary is within your grasp. Discover and strengthen your power of words with these simple tips.

Speakwell Academy in its curriculum emphasizes on teaching students new words which are useful in their daily communication. To further expand their knowledge of difficult words, a Word List textbook helps in improving their knowledge.


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