When we introduce ourselves we are not only telling our identity but also showing glimpses of our personality. Here are some tips for introductions.

How to introduce yourself to others:

Below are few ways in which Mr. Rohan Mehra can introduce himself. Informal conversations, you need to give your full name and in informal conversations, you can just give your first name.

  • Good morning, I’m Rohan Mehra.
  • Hello, my name is Rohan Mehra.
  • I’m Rohan Mehra from West Bengal. What about you?
  • I’m Rohan Mehra from Falcon Technotrade Limited.
  • Hi, I’m Rohan your new neighbour.
  • Hi, I’m Rohan. Glad to meet you.

When we introduce ourselves we tend to do our best. But if you need to introduce another person, make sure you do better! That’s because, introductions are not just about a person’s name, it also define a person’s personality. So do your best while introducing others.

Let’s see how to introduce another person:

  • Hello, this is Mr. Tushar Sethi
  • Please meet Mr. Tushar Sethi, my colleague.
  • It’s my honour to introduce Mr. Tushar Sethi, our Chief Guest for today’s function.
  • I’d like to introduce Mr. Tushar Sethi to you. He is our new Branch Manager

Note – Avoid using nicknames. Introduce people using their full names.

Some people like to introduce themselves. If not, then the ball is in your court.

Let’s see how to introduce two people to each other:

  • Hello Akash, please meet Shilpa.
  • Hi Akash, I thought I’d like to introduce you to Ms. Shilpa from Logan Technologies.
  • Hello Mr. Akash, this is our new manager, Ms Shilpa.

Few other things to keep in mind while introducing people:

  • Stick around until both strike a conversation with each other. Also hint the reason why you introduced them.
  • While introducing people, you may mention their company name or designation.
  • Sometimes people find it awkward sometimes to meet new people. Stay till both develop a comfort level.
  • Avoid gossiping with your friend before the other. It’s absolutely annoying.
  • Don’t force people to befriend each other. It takes time to develop relationships.
  • If your friend belongs to a different religion avoid controversial topics.

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We take introductions for granted sometimes. Little do we realize their real importance since it just takes few seconds. However, introducing ourselves and others in an appropriate way can lead to long-term relationships which is beneficial to us personally as well as professionally.


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