A very important part of your life is good manners. Etiquette is required, not only for social appeasement but for yourself. To respect yourself. To be a gentle well bred person, to be happy and at peace with yourself, you must use simple auxiliaries and modals in your day to day life.

Requests are simply cordial questions. A request is to ask, solicit or beseech to someone for something you require. There is a perceptible difference between requests and permission. Permission is to take one’s consent. It is a formal action, whereas a request is a gentle and casual way to ask. A request can be asked face to face or on phone, while a permission could  be face to face or a written letter.

Here are some great tips on how to request someone.

Requests are simply cordial questions. A request is to ask, solicit or beseech to someone for something you require.

Can you please help me with my homework?

Can you come with me to the doctor.

Can I please have some coffee?

A request is asking for help from someone. A person’s respectable and decent personality shines through, when he politely requests. To express request in a polite manner, use could you or could you please.

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Could I go for the picnic, please?

Could you read the letter aloud in class?

Could you please pick up the cakes from the bakery, while coming back home from work?

These tips will help you request friends and strangers and get the help you require.

We shall now have a look at phrases to ask for permission.

‘May’ is a very formal and polite way to seek permission for something.

May I help you?  May I come in, Sir?  May I borrow your pen, please?

While walking into a room/ class full of people, we must excuse ourselves and say “Please may I come in?

You could also use ‘Can’ while seeking permission from family or friends. Can is an informal way of seeking permission.

Can I go for the school picnic?

Can I go to the garden?

Can I borrow your book?

These few phrases will help you seek permissions in English. You may get a Yes or a No as a reply, accept the response gracefully.

So the next time you need to request someone or seek permission, do make use of these phrases.  Be kind and polite while speaking. It costs nothing but gains immense respect for you.


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