In the Hollywood film, ‘Sound of Music’, Julie Andrews sang, – Let`s start at the very beginning… Do-A- dear, a female deer..’ and engraved the song into our memories forever. That is what is unique and amazing about the combination of music with words.

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English being an expressive, emotional and appealing language is absolutely magnetic when put to fabulous music and sung melodiously. The meaning, accent, pronunciation becomes clear and rhythmic. This makes it easier to remember the language. People aspiring to learn speaking English, can pick up many words and phrases which can be used while conversing daily.

Music attracts the attention of people and the lyrics can be hummed together. In that case, the English Language in the song, automatically improves our English – our accent, pronunciation and phonetically helps to better our spellings. All these are very important elements in learning to speak well.

Babies in cradles hear lullabyes. Quiet and soothing music with sweet words fill their minds with simple English words like ‘baba, papa, sun, moon, rain; the list is endless. Imagine, a small baby is already learning vocabulary! Repetition is the key word, which helps the child to remember and speak English properly. Rhymes and poems learnt in nursery are the foundation. The combination of music and repetition of words forms a base from learning to speak in English.

Let’s look at a simple nursery rhyme.

I hear thunder, I hear thunder, Oh, don’t you?

Pitter patter raindrops, I’m wet through.

A child learns words such as thunder, raindrops, wet, etc. The child is also able to learn simple sentences such as I am wet. Besides words, there are lessons in punctuations too!

English songs in various styles such as rock, pop, classical music enhanced with beautiful and soul touching lyrics, compel you to sing along. Lyrics like –We are the World, We are the children, We are the ones that make a brighter day, So let`s start giving. Each and every accomplished singer sang this awesome song which is now an Iconic World song of solidarity. These words teach English!

A song is easy to remember, easy to grasp and easy to listen to, is repetition; either repetition of certain words and phrases, or repetition of the sense conveyed by them. We find repetition usually in the song`s chorus, where the repeated lines form a refrain. Sometimes listeners are expected to join in the song`s chorus. So, music in English songs helps the listeners to grasp the language easily. Their accent improves, they can understand certain sentences and can sing along. The same helps them to talk and converse. It becomes so wonderfully or musically easy to speak English. If you are musically inclined or not ,TRY it! It will surely be an amazing way to learn English.


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