The inventory of English words is immense. There is an enormous list of tremendously difficult words but they sound so amazing that you want to use them in your language. If you enjoy reading English then you might want to investigate and comprehend these difficult words. The ironical twist is that, when you are attracted to these words phonetically, you desire to learn more. Then these hostile words turn friends and enter your vocabulary seamlessly.

  • Use them often! Use these formidable, perplexing and confusing words many times. Fit them in your written or spoken language. Practice the difficult words. Engage them in your conversations. Repeating them will help you recall the choicest words at the precise time.
  • Association with thing or other words. Associate difficult words that take your fancy to things or inversely use things or occasions to utilize these difficult words. To describe what you are doing, use these wonderful unusual words which will bring back accolades for you! The word ‘scintillating’ meaning glittering could be associated with jewellery. You could take a word, like ‘controversial’ and associate it with a news feature! A word like ‘extempore’, meaning someone just stands up and gives a short speech on an un prepared subject – at the spur of the moment; at an event. Link it to –An extempore speech!
  • Break the word. You could take the word – Assassination meaning the action of killing someone. You could break the word into ass+ass+in+nation. Ass means donkey. So you could imagine two donkeys in a nation to learn such words. Another words like hippopotamus could be broken into hippo+pot+amus.
  • Technical and technologically associated words are very difficult but again, constant usage of them is necessary. This helps in improving your vocabulary and recollection power.

Learning difficult words can become easy with these few tips. Enjoy learning difficult words as you upgrade your language. Practice will make you perfect!


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