A regular day in a Spoken English classes in Pune at Speakwell, starts with students coming forward and speaking about the given topics. It’s when, Mr.Saraf, comes to speak and seeks permission from the Trainer to speak on a topic of his choice. He starts narrating an incident that had occurred in his office, the day before. His Boss, Mr. Rao, who had once reprimanded him for his poor English skills, had again suddenly asked him to come to his cabin. With his anxiousness almost choking him, he described, when he entered the Boss’ cabin ,he was shocked to see two of his other seniors also present in the room. As he entered, Mr. Rao smiled at him and hugged him and patted his back. He praised the improvement in Mr.Saraf’s English skills. He also appreciated Mr.Saraf’s efforts to improve his spoken English which had undergone a major improvement. At this juncture of his Conversation, a highly related Mr.Saraf, paused and thanked Speakwell for this awesome transformation in his life.

This interesting change that Mr.Saraf had seen in himself has also set a good example for other learners. The Trainer then further explained that a good English speaker needs to focus on his collection of words, known as his vocabulary.

At Speakwell English speaking course in Mumbai, topics are presented and explained taking into consideration the understanding levels of the target students. The content is suitable for beginners and intermediates. The grammar is clearly presented, covers a broad range of topics and makes good use of pictures.  The text is clear and concise with highlighted keywords, with translations in regional languages like Hindi, Marathi, and Gujarati.

The one question that always arises first in a Spoken English class is, How should I learn these English words? It’s a question with no simple answer. However, at Speakwell we can transform the student’s English from basic to extraordinary, in a fun filled manner by playing some very interesting games.

Infographics for improving your vocabulary:

This game is all about picking many simple words from our daily surroundings. Always keep your mind active and learning when you’re on the go (on a bus or train journey). For eg: The students are asked to name everything that they can see on an office desk.  The best way to learn English is by speaking English not just by writing essays and learning Grammar. A good vocabulary can only be developed by consistent practical use of speaking English. A rich source of new words could be newspapers. One can virtually transform oneself intellectually as well as drastically expand one’s vocabulary.

All students who show this excellent transition from being Basic English  speakers to having a profound knowledge of English have struggled and have sustained because of their  extreme desire and willpower.

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