Training on “How to greet people in English?” practiced at Speakwell, India’s Best Spoken English Institute

Training on “How to greet people in English?” practiced at Speakwell, India’s Best Spoken English Institute |
19 Dec 2016

Training on “How to greet people in English?” practiced at Speakwell, India’s Best Spoken English Institute

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This article of English speaking institute in Mumbai represents the expression of good feelings amongst human beings. This practice has been there from time immemorial. Often the civilized society thinks of greeting in terms of peaceful happy gesture. However, it was also displayed through the act of some rude or violent method in some places. This act of mind has undergone enormous changes since the dawn of civilization. The original body language was slowly transformed into a verbal exchange with the influence of face and body. It is very evident that this behaviour has never been uniform in the populated areas of the earth.

The changes have taken place in accordance with higher thinking and better human relationship as man evolved much more as a social animal. The style and the satisfaction of greeting have a remarkable impact on human life in western, rather the European world. The continental influence on their former colonies offers a concrete proof of such behaviour. The Middle East displays a distinct departure from the others in terms of greetings. The African continent and another aboriginal in certain islands have not come up with the advance continental patterns. Similarly, the yellow race has a peculiar style of its own even after undergoing tremendous changes from the continent.

But the natural, original display of love and regards by the Indians are based on their perhaps by old Vedic thoughts in human settlements and spiritual deliberations. Indian Hygienic practices have no parallel on the other parts of the world. The western world looks to be accepting the Indian manner slowly and steadily. Greetings with folded hands convey a deep message to the rest. A naturally wholehearted message of love and respect for the others through this pattern has many added advantages. This happens to be a uniform act of acceptance irrespective of gender or other social taboos. By and large, these behavior projects a happy and contented life on both sides.

This style of greetings might slowly change in course of time while heading for a widely accepted behavior at global community. However, the expressions of verbal greeting and through body language have become a crucial part of mannerism of educated and cultured people in a highly commercialized world. This act of mind shown in the society draws, rapt attention of the people involved.

This has become a solid base of the requirements of successful personality in elevated societies. In our country, India in general and Mumbai and other metros in particular many institutions and academies have taken up this huge challenge for training young and aspiring generations.

Speakwell Academy:An  English Speaking Classes in Mumbai is a front runner in this line of training and educating the young generation in Mumbai metro. Their network has positioned in strategic areas with their 80 odd centers in Mumbai area. Their principles and practices are based on an admirable plan. The achievement so far has been remarkable. Speakwell expects to win more laurels in this field of personality development of individuals. This also forms a national goal for the skills development organization sponsored by our country’s rulers. We trust this movement comes up with flying colors all over the nation.

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