“Reading Makes a full man” said Francis Bacon. To become fluent in English, or for that matter, in any language, we must start reading. The spoken word, sounds, intonation and pronunciation are very important. The written word is introduced together with sound. Once we understand both, then reading naturally takes over.

Reading is very interesting. It gives you details about the language, precise knowledge of grammar and styles of writing. Under a broad spectrum of comedies, tragedies and romance, you can step into the world of stories – starting from small dialogues, short stories, passages,  we move on to story books and novels. Then the excitement begins….

The newspaper is the morning’s first dose of reading. Read parts of your paper loudly and act as if you are the news reader. If possible, ask someone to correct your pronunciations and intonations. Otherwise we have our Google friend, ready to help you.

Fluency in Spoken English can be acquired by keeping few things in mind:

1]Speak in English often and practice speaking with other people. You must initiate conversations in English. Encourage people around you to converse with you in English.

2] Try to write passages, notes or slips in English. Never translate from our mother tongue.

3] Listen to the news or sports in English, watch English films and read sub titles. Imitate them, they will help you to correct your pronunciation and accent.

4] Read something every day. One who wishes to speak fluently must make reading a part of his or her daily activies. Newspaper, articles, magazines, books, handouts – whatever possible literature you can put your hand upon. Read loudly, with expression like you are telling someone a story or relating a scene, or giving them a detailed image of the daily news. This exercise will greatly help you towards fluency in speaking English. You will be able to convert clarity of thought and information into perfect sounding words. This will give you the much needed confidence to interact with other people.

Take help from someone to check the pronunciation in your speech regularly. Reading aloud makes more sense because you can concentrate on your speech, pronunciation and tone. Every dialogue or situation story can be read by you, with profound expression.

You may also join our Speakwell class for daily speaking practice. Our professional and intensive training will help you speak fluently and you will develop into a confident speaker.


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