Have you ever lost your way while going to an unfamiliar place? In Mumbai, we often have to travel to a new place – to meet friends and relatives, for work related travel, going for an interview, going for weddings or any other occasions, etc.

While travelling to an unfamiliar place, we often seek directions either from the person whose place we are going to or strangers on the way. We may even seek directions from local shops as they are familiar with the place. We do this in order to ensure that we reach the right place.

In Speakwell English Academy, we have a conversation book having conversations on daily topics such as greetings, apologizing, expressing emotions and other such topics. One such topic is directions. Before we see phrases on how to seek and give directions, let us consider few specific points to keep in mind:

  • Always address an unknown person by saying – Excuse me! Excuse me is a word used to draw a person’s attention towards us. Once the person is listening you may ask about the address.
  • While receiving directions we need to listen carefully. We may even make notes to ensure that we don’t get confused.
  • If you haven’t understood, ask again and clarify your doubts.
  • Always remember to thank the person for taking time to help you.

We shall now see few common expressions in English used for seeking and giving directions.

Below are phrases used to asking directions:

  • Excuse me! Could you please tell me the way to Andheri Station?
  • Excuse me! How can I get to Speakwell Skills Academy from here?
  • Excuse me! Can you tell me how to go to Dadar?
  • Excuse me! Where is the nearest ATM Machine?

When you ask the above questions, you are likely to receive directions with the below phrases regarding the mode of travel. We need to choose an appropriate mode of travel considering the distance, traffic, fare and convenience.

  • Take the 707 bus and get off at Shanti Nagar bus stop.
  • Catch a train going towards Churchgate from Platform No. 2
  • Take an auto from here, it will take you 10 mins to reach the place.

Incase the place is near they will give you the necessary directions so that you can go walking and find the address. Phrases you will hear when the other person is giving directions are:

  • Go straight and take a left from the signal.
  • Turn right at the crossroad and then take the first left.
  • Keep walking until you see a dead end. It is the last building on the right.
  • You have taken the wrong turn. You need to go back and enter the previous lane.

Another important thing to note while seeking or giving directions is landmarks. Landmarks are famous places situated in the area making it easy for us to find our destination. These include banks, hospitals, cinemas, lakes, libraries, gardens or shopping malls.

  • Dwarkesh Building is opposite Joggers Park
  • Speakwell Skills Academy is next to Suchak Hospital.
  • Take a right from ICICI Bank. It is the second building in that lane.

Now that you are familiar with vocabulary related to seeking directions, the next time you travel to an unfamiliar place go ahead and seek direction in English. By using the conversation book by Speakwell English Academy, you can use daily phrases on common topics and improve your Spoken English skills.


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