Speakwell Placements is an integral division of Speakwell Skills Academy Pvt. Ltd. which is now a Certified Training Partner of National Skills Development Corporation (NSDC). At Speakwell Placements we efficiently strive to place our students in corporates into various roles into Front Line, Junior & Mid-Management.

Speakwell, established in 2006 as a Spoken English Training Company has now grown as a Skills Academy. We operate with over 50 branches & over these years we have built a population of over 50,000 students across Maharashtra. At Speakwell we constantly endeavour to bridge skill gaps of various industries through our proficiently designed Skill Development Programs. Some of our programs that we run at our centres are mentioned below for perusal.

1)EnglishCommunications Skills (Basic & Advance)
2)  Personality Grooming
3)Call Center Training
4)   Customer Service Management
5)   Retail Management
6)   Digital Marketing

We specialize in sourcing human resources with corporates for various roles like:-
1)   Supply Chain Operations – Logistics Executive, Delivery Executives, Warehouse Operations.
2)   Customer Service – Customer Service Associate / Representative
3)   Call Centre – Tele Callers for Out Bound & Inbound Processes
4)   Sales & Marketing – Sales Executive, Front Liner, Medial Representative, Filed Sales & Promotion
5)   Finance & Accounts – Accountant & Commercial Assistant
6)   Office Admin – Front Desk, Office Assistants, Receptionists & Admin

As a recruitment service provider, we are capable of servicing clients who look forward to hire large number in there front line. With our specialized team of recruiters & our network covering almost all catchment areas in the city we are committed to serve you the best pertaining to your manpower requirement.

We look forward to have an association with your organisation.


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