Oops, Did I Say That? Common Mistakes in English You Can Easily Avoid.  

You made an English mistake, and you’re feeling so embarrassed!

That’s okay. Embarrassment is universal, and everyone makes mistakes when learning a new language. Often, when you’re learning a new language, embarrassment occurs as the result of a spoken or written error.

As you can see from the bar graph above, determiner-related problems constitute almost 60% of all the grammatical errors we found! In particular, an overwhelming majority of the issues involved article use.

Even after years of education, there are some things that some people still mess up. For me, it’s algebra. For others, it’s the laws of physics. And for many, it’s grammar.

Having a good grasp of grammar is an essential quality of a good writer. However, even the most trained writers and content creators often end up making grave grammar mistakes. 

before we get to that, we’ll take a look at what is meant by grammatical errors, and how you can identify them in your content.

 Let’s Explore some Grammatical Mistakes

You can keep your grammatical mistakes in check by –

  • Avoid writing too fast: When you write your content too fast, you can end up making typographical errors (or typos). This is because our minds run significantly faster than our hands that are typing/writing.
  • Reading aloud to yourself: Whenever you are having trouble with any parts of the content, read it aloud to yourself and listen carefully. Your instinct will tell you that a particular sentence does not sound right. You can also cross-check the sentence online.
  • Avoiding spelling errors: When you are unsure, always do a quick check with a grammar checker.


With the knowledge of these common grammar mistakes, you now know how to avoid them and write better content with proper grammar. Grammatical errors are bound to crop up from time to time, but the key lies in catching the content mistakes before the content gets published.

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