Learning English is an absolute must for survival in today’s world.

16 Nov 2016

Learning English is an absolute must for survival in today’s world.

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English is nobody’s property. It’s the property of imagination, the language itself. There was a time when we could survive without English. But as time progressed it’s become a necessity. Once, a vegetable seller in Bangalore amazed me. On asking directions to some place, he conveniently spoke in good English.

 The British came to India and gave us their language. Today, years later we still continue its prominent usage. It is Amazing that India has retained this language and now it has become a distinct advantage for Indian workforce because e can speak English.

Shakespeare the most renowned literary figure of all times is famous for his rich English vocabulary. He gave us a volcano of words, the usage of which eruption within his literature and has astonished generations of readers and continues to amaze us, even today. It wouldn’t be wrong to say that English is more Latin than Julius Ceaser.

The English language has a deceptive air of simplicity. Its ability to make words sound intriguing is unimaginable. The passing years have seen many linguistic specialists emerge like translators, proofreaders etc. It has given us a wide range of professions to boast about.

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A universal language, English is not bound by time and is ageless. It has the finesse of making any sentence a mantelpiece. The syntax and structure of English make it one of the most balanced languages in the world. A person may not know foreign languages but he can survive with English in his backpack.

People would be able to master English easily if they could use the right words, at the right time and at the right place and spoken English classes in Pune can help them. The right amount of the parts of speech, with a toss of the modal auxiliary, a pinch of tenses and garnish of accent makes a perfect recipe for the language.

English is easier than it seems, sounds more beautiful when spoken. It has an aesthetic touch. Desire is the key to motivation and English the key to growth. A well-read person can easily man over himself through time than a person less sound in English. Just believe in it and it will come naturally.

The question arises, how to befriend English. Take up the idea, make it your life, dream on it, live that idea, make it your passion and it won’t let you down. The same is with English. Your urge is your driver. Put every thought, word, and action into learning it and you will be rewarded.

When good English grammar and speech comes together with English Speaking institute in Mumbai you can expect magic. It’s the foundation of a strong legacy. Words are the steps to success. They plant the seed of success or failure in the mind of the others. We must use them with utmost care.

As the saying goes ‘first impression is the last impression ‘. So, it is for the command over English speaking. Either you have it or you don’t. So a worthwhile thought. Is English ruling over you or…?Are you ruling over it?

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