Whether we like it or not, we have to admit that there’s no denying the importance of English. Everywhere we go applying for higher positions we are judged on the way we speak and how we market our worth.

Sometimes we Struggle interacting with our bosses and customers alike as it’s difficult to express our ideas and convey our thoughts. And as we watch for cues we see subtle discrimination at work.

English started spreading around the world with the growth of the British Empire it’s now the lingua franca of the world.

Some say mandarin will take over English however that possibility seems scant since we already have an established language worldwide.

Any company however small; needs customer support these days. Countries that have English as their second or third language are outsourced cutting out on high pays and unnecessary benefits. This facilitates an individual’s journey in encompassing greater heights when you can speak English fluently. Learning English, therefore, encourages an individual who can foresee growth as an integral factor to their career. Locals learn and improve their spoken English in order to stay abreast in the competitive jobs market.

Tech Support and Back office have become an integral part of the industry. Interaction with individuals is necessary in this age of information. Where everything is exchanged in English. Thus to thrive and grow in any industry it is now necessary to know the language.

The world is getting smaller and its cheaper to travel now .Your promotion or your current status in the company may call for a trip out of your native land and if you do not know English you have to be ready to face a language challenge. We travelling right after alighting, all through the taxi counter to the hotel and to other places you wish to see, we need English to communicate.

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Using English as a tool for Promotion

Take charge of your career, and as you are motivated to learn and develop new skills it is important to progress to higher avenues at your workplace. Working hard and showing you can take some extra responsibility seems like promotion is consequently the next step.

It’s difficult to carry out a conversation asking for a promotion if you don’t know English. Start with keeping a slot in the week that is free of any meetings with your employer. Make sure you both are available at the same time. Do your research. Look up the internet to check how to communicate, what to look forward to and how to benchmark your salary at par with the market.

Your manager is sure to appreciate your enthusiasm. However also make sure you come to the chair with your achievements and accolades you got at work. Here you need to talk and convince as well as market your worth.


Receiving a promotion means getting a higher pay check. Research before negotiating know your worth, you may many times find yourself undermined when it comes to your real worth. Look at what different companies have to offer in similar positions .Tell them about your additional skills to leverage your value.

Overall stay focused on what you intend to achieve, English may not be the only way out. It is just another skill set. But it adds weight to get you promoted. Language is the key to unlock your potential that already exists in You.


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