An excellent way to argue and air your opinions; where people actually listen respectfully, without confronting or interrupting you… is a Debate!

Maybe during the course of your debate argument you might get roars, applause, smiles or smirks; but that means you have an inspired and keen audience.

A debate is an exchange of knowledge. What you think about a topic and get someone else’s perspective too. Whether you agree or not is another matter! However there is absolutely nothing wrong in perceiving things from your opponent’s viewpoint!

To prepare for a debate, one should start researching on the topic. Use Encyclopedias, Google or read the newspaper on a daily basis. Recent political or social information will be easily found there. Research and footnotes are very important. Without research and correct knowledge of the subject you cannot speak. More, you should be well abreast of information from all arenas of knowledge. Days before your scheduled date of debate, you have to read a lot on the subject to be well versed in it. Actually, every debater should be an avid reader.

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So, generally a person who participates in a debate should be a well- read, well informed person. The person should be accurate and precise; to the point. His argument should be valid for all to appreciate, approve and understand. Humor and sincerity should be woven in the fabric of the debate. This way the audience listens to you.

After being informed about the subject, you have to write the script. It is very important that it should be in good English and well written.

Usage of grammar and punctuation should be impeccable. Every sentence should have a clarity of thought and while talking, the feelings and emotions should be expressed in totality. So training oneself in elocution, intonation, pronunciation would go a long way in making your endeavor successful.

You should remember what you have prepared! Effective study techniques can make a difference to how well you retain information. You have to study and learn your script but you have to use your natural ability and finesse in talking smart.

Look at yourself in the mirror and practise. Observe your facial expressions and hand movements. Regulate, modulate and correct them to the best of your ability, so that when you are speaking, your presentation becomes magnetic; compelling the audience to hear you. Show how charismatic you are in the way you effectively articulate.

Preparing for a Debate—just requires your interest, your involvement in the subject, your presence of mind and your effort. After that meticulous preparation, just smile and talk your way confidently, into their minds and hearts. You have a winner in YOU.

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