The articles ‘a’, ‘an’ and ‘the’ act as salt in meal in spoken English. If we see its quantity it is negligible, but if we add even a pinch of salt, insipid taste of a dish changes into a tasty dish. In the same way, quantity of articles is not much but when we use it in spoken English, it adds meaning to a sentence. However, it assists a speaker to speak more specifically about a noun and also a listener to understand specific meaning of the sentence. Moreover, it is used frequently in the sentence, so one should have profound knowledge about articles.

In Spoken English institute in pune, we use articles to give certain information about a name of a person, thing, animal etc. Every sentence includes a noun. Before a noun we use articles. So it is very much essential to use correct article at the correct place.

Now, one might think why is it so? What difference will it make if we don’t use a proper article at the correct place? Let me share an interesting example. If I want to tell a story, “once upon a time in Rampur, there was the lion. A lion would kill and eat other beasts in the forest. A lion was very violent. ” Now, every time, I have used ‘a lion’. I wanted to say all the things about the particular lion. An article ‘a’ says about ‘one’ or ‘any’ lion in the forest. It gives generic sense. An article ‘the’ says about the particular lion. So, the use of ‘the’ would be appropriate in this case.  So, to specify & clarify the things about a noun, articles play a vital role.

According to me the interesting thing is that any regional language might not have a specific word to specify generic or particular sense of a noun differently but English provides you a proper yet a small word to give more specific information about a noun. For your better understanding, I would like to give one example, if I say, “I found a book”. Means, I saw one book or any book which my friend Neeta is not concerned with but when I want to say the particular book which she was looking for/ searching for, then I would say “I found the book”. Use of an appropriate article (the) will tell Neeta that I was talking about the particular book which she was looking for.

Use of articles highly depends on sound of the first letter of a noun. We need to use indefinite article ‘a’ before consonant sound of the first letter of a noun and indefinite article ‘an’ before vowel sound of the first letter of a noun.

Nevertheless, this information is not enough for the one who is keen to understand what articles are and wants to use it while speaking English as the saying goes a little knowledge is a dangerous thing.

Speakwell best spoken English institute in mumbai is helping you to not only get acquainted with but also to get well versed with all the rules, details, exceptions, interesting examples, practice & last but not the least its frequent use in spoken English. Speakwell has a set of courseware that is used to explain these concepts in the class and the students also have an audio-visual lesson based mobile app from Speakwell that they can use. This mobile app helps the students to learn these concepts while they are travelling to their office or back to their home or wherever they are. The books on grammar from Speakwell are uniquely designed for learning the Spoken aspects of the language rather than an expertise in Grammar. It is highly recommended that those people who feel learning Spoken English is their need must make it to one of the Speakwell centers and undergo the Speakwell training course.


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