As an MBA graduate, you have to choose your next goals?  With so much of entrepreneurship in the news, it is a choice which has emerged for the MBA graduates. Take a job or start up something? Most of the candidates don’t want to risk their careers and opt for a risk-free opportunity in the corporate world, a fixed salary, a decent position, and a status but just look at what the young generation is up to these days? Whether it is the Facebook story or the Flipkart story. Youngsters are up to building something of their own. They do not want to waste their time working in the corporate world working on somebody else’s dream. When you take up a corporate job, you lose an opportunity to explore your own goals. Once accustomed to a fixed salary, it is very difficult to leave that comfort and take the risk to start a business.

After graduating as an MBA, you become part of a great network of professionals and companies and you constantly challenge yourself with the new challenges and changes. These things together give you a great overview of the business world, in-depth understanding and a certain receptiveness to the slightest changes in this environment. This type of overview and sensitivity helps you in the business

If you are a personality who can handle the challenges, have leadership qualities for holding on to your position and open to constant changes in learning and development. You are a candidate most eligible to venture into business.

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Amongst many of the options to start a business, a lesser risky option is to start a franchise center for an established company. Amongst the option to take up a franchise there are several opportunities for the education, food or fashion businesses. Some of these businesses demand an investment of almost Rs. 50 lakhs and upwards. Amongst the lower investment opportunities, the option to start a Speakwell center is probably one of the lowest investment options.

Speakwell Skills Academy is a 10-year-old organization with more than 100 successful Franchisee Partners within and best spoken English institute in Mumbai, Pune, Rest Of Maharashtra & Delhi. Also, Speakwell is a Training partner with NSDC (National Skill Development Corporation). More than 2 lakhs students have been trained over the last 10 years.

If you enjoy challenges, have strong focus and determination, highly ambitious and hardworking, then Speakwell Skills Academy Franchisee may be the right decision for you.  In business, you are likely to face tough terrains, sunny and rainy days, success and failures.  On the positive side, you become the master of your own destiny. You create job opportunities for others. You become a problem solver for the society. You can create your wealth for yourself as also for others.

In this business, you will also learn how to lead a team to extract the best results for you. Teamwork is key to success in any venture and this business will teach you that as well.

When you are working for someone else, you are at the mercy of their business decisions. They could change direction, mess up, or the business could stagnate making your job super boring. The Speakwell business will teach you marketing, advertisement, finance management & admin. You get a chance to implement all that you have learned in business school. You are in control of your own future. Your will write your own Success story.

Speakwell offers you an excellent opportunity to become a franchisee with very little investment and you can learn all business trade with the company and can actually make around Rs. One lakh plus a month. This business can be started anywhere in India with low investment. You can actually start this business in your own city, stay with your family and help the society to grow with you. Training is the recession-proof business and can give you name, fame & satisfaction always……

Globally Franchising business for English-speaking has witnessed high success ratio. A new franchise opens across the globe in 8 minutes of each business day.Statistics reveal that more than 80% of new start-ups close down within 5 years, whereas we have sustained 80% of successful franchisees even after 5 years. Success stories show that franchise start-ups that adhere to the franchise system and standards never fail. Franchising has been an extremely successful business model in the Training and Recruitment Industry.

Why Speakwell Franchisee?

  • Mumbai’s No. 1 Brand, Leverage a well-established brand.
  • Start with low initial establishment costs.
  • Franchisees are provided complete support, guidance and training to run their centers.
  • Course material in regional language, mobile app, online test and much more…….
  • Centre Management, Faculty, and Sales training to a new franchise.


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