It is a common practice to introduce ourselves at any given occasion or event. It is usually acts like an ice breaker that helps connecting individuals. These situations may arise anywhere between a party, a business meeting or a formal interview. Proper description of self is of great importance to make a or break your image.

There are a host of common errors that we make unknowingly that rub in the wrong way with the prospect.

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Lets study a couple of errors that keep us from distorting our first impression.

  1. ‘Myself name is…..’ a very common phrase that a non-English speaker would usually resort to as they would translate its literal meaning from their own language.
  2. ‘My my father name is, brother name is….’ Nobody is actually interested in knowing the names of one’s family members, we just need you to talk about our self. However we can always mention the number of people that our family consists of.
  3. A sentence in English sentence would usually have an object stated at the end of the sentence whereas an Indian native speaker would keep the verb at the end of the sentence even whilst speaking English.
  4. Indians tend to Over use words such as Actually, Basically, Only, Very, etc. These are common words which have unnecessary insertions in our sentences. Ex. there are three members only in my family. Or Basically I work at Infinity Mall. Or Actually my father is a businessman or I am very interested in playing cricket.
  5. -Ings are familiar sightings in our speech. I am putting all my effort in my work now. I am having or holding a degree in the science stream. We are having a house also having a big garden and having 2 dogs .Having is usually consumption or possession. We have 2 cars, a house and a big garden. ’I am telling my mother I will become a big man’ is also an incorrect way to convey. Big man may mean by size instead use ‘Successful’.
  6. As we speak to the interviewer or host we refer a person as Mr. Salman and which is incorrect, we have to refer to the person as Mr. Khan using their last name instead of their first.
  7. Getting excited on the first meeting in business is a sign of being an over-enthusiast that may overwhelm the onlooker. Giving them information about your personal details are a big no-no. One however would be interested in your strengths, your achievements and your accolades in business. The person would not be really interested in knowing about your family member’s achievements or how you met your spouse.
  8. Extra sugar in your coffee spoils the flavor of the beans. So is the situation in the introduction. The need to have a sense of confidence in yourself has to be instilled in the prospect. Over selling oneself or boasting about oneself will only spoil the situation. It can only signal that you are in need and are playing around by resorting to a sweet tongue instead of projecting strength in your content of self.

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Thus we need to create an atmosphere of confidence and balance it with power and impact to ensure that we are heard and understood.


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