Power point presentations should ideally be packed with Power and the right attitude. Visualization plays a very important role in preparing your slides, we should know what we intend to say. Doing the same will help us in building a bridge between our flow of thoughts and the ideas we have sketched.

Keep the presentation simple and lucid. Keeping it simple helps in ensuring the motive is not left behind amongst all the rush of expensive, intricate and alluring language. Communication is the direction to getting things done. Keep your words simple, the simpler you explain the more effective your impression. Mastery comes not in language but in proper usage of words that empower the overall process of understanding. Synchronize your words with the screen you display.

We usually kill the Power of the presentation by delivering too much text and excessive information. ‘Too of something is bad enough’ so goes the saying. We tend to impress by providing excess and flamboyant explanation to matters unconcerned, this dims our credibility and creates an atmosphere of inertia towards our success. Which is in turn triggers a loss to our company and reputation as an organization. An appropriate demonstration not only includes proper communication but also effective presentation.

Here are some points that can help in conveying your ideas with lucidity and creativity.

  1. Use a story telling technique .Grandmothers and parents have for hundreds of years tucked their children to sleep with little stories that sometimes made sense and other times didn’t. The idea here is to capture the minds of the attendees into a flow so that they not only feel comforted but also desire to hear more of what you say.
  2. Choose a character to your story who will likely be keying in ideas on your behalf. Ex. Sam is the consumer and he is going through an ordeal in his life for which your company has the solution. We take Sam through the circumstances showing data, providing information and ultimately coming to a solution for his problems. There is a empathetic chord with the imaginary character that keeps the audience in loop thus a connection both emotional and intelligent to the human psyche.
  3. Voice Modulation and intonation in your voice should go a long way in expression. A flat tone will only lull the audience to sleep. Inflection in the volume of your voice is an indicator of your own enthusiasm and energy levels about the subject you deliver while you reach an audience.
  4. Use Quotes from characters who are symbols of great power, strength and nobility, they have often been an inspiration to millions of people. Using their quotes ensures you are well read and know the right things to be encoded in the right spaces.
  5. Have the right body language. Let your body sync with your words. Have an erect posture displaying confidence. Avoid covering the PPT at any point of time. Use your hands for gestures when necessary.

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Thus PowerPoint is a creative tool in helping us achieve our goals with correct logic and emotion applied. Avoid reading from the slides as it leads to monotony. Elicit the points as required. These simple tips will help you present your message effectively.


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