Most employees have become successful not only because they act smart but also because they speak smart and have the ability to make a great impression on their seniors. Remember we are not talking about shining their shoes. Being able to conduct yourself well in an office environment can lead to progress in your career. Let us understand, what exactly are we talking about?

Many of us shy away when we need to speak to our bosses. Have you ever felt that you are not able to make an impression on your boss? You know what you want to say but don’t know how to say? or You are just scared of talking to your boss in English? Yes!!! Then incorporate these dynamic and impactful phrases and see the difference.

  1. “I would be happy to do that.” or “Is there anything else I can do?” or “I will handle this, be assured.”

This shows your enthusiasm, positivity, and passion for work. This also shows your willingness and initiative to handle extra responsibilities.

If you feel your boss is really feeling the crunch of time and overload of the work, use this phrase volunteering some of his work which you are able to handle.

  1. “Sir/ Madam, How is your day going?”

Remember to give a human touch to the relation. It makes a personal connection. But, you must be careful to ensure that this term only when a cordial relationship already exists. A more formal way of putting the same thing, if it is a boss whom you are not close to or is not having a friendly relationship so far then you can just say ”How are you, Sir?”

  1. “It was my mistake. I am sorry. I will be careful next time.”

Making a mistake is the part of the learning and admitting them shows that you own responsibility for your action and you don’t pass on the blame on others. It also shows the humble side of you wherein you are willing to accept a mistake and is willing to correct yourself. A Boss would trust somebody who is polite and humble. But this cannot be an excuse to repeatedly do mistakes. He or she will very soon loose the trust you developed by accepting the mistake the first time.

  1. “I wanted to talk to you about a certain issue. Can you spare some time?”

This is an excellent way of giving importance to the person and hence achieving some level of good relationship with the boss. You should be careful not to go to the boss with the trivial issue. It must be something genuine.

  1. “I agree.”

Don’t be a ‘Yes man’. When you genuinely agree with your boss’ opinion or ideas go ahead and say “I agree.” Everyone loves when their ideas are validated.

  1. “I feel this will help to solve the problems on hand.”

Are you the one who goes to the boss with the problem? Instead, try going with the solution. Be a solutions person. Bosses appreciate the employees who bring the solutions and not the problem. Use this trick to quickly come into the limelight with your boss and get his attention. You will get noticed and if you consistently keep giving solutions to problems then you could see yourself growing faster in the organization.

  1. “We can always give it a try.”

When your boss wants your involvement in trying something new, always be open to adapt that. This shows that you are flexible and ready to change.

  1. “I will get that done by—”

Give specific time by which you will finish a certain task. But say this only when you are the man of your word.

  1. “I will take the lead on that.”

This shows your leadership and initiative skills. Bosses like people who show initiative and are willing to take on some of the difficult tasks.

  1. “I sincerely thank you for mentoring me.”

Haven’t you learned many things from your boss directly or indirectly? Don’t forget to show your gratitude towards him. Whenever you get a chance, mention it to him/ her that you are grateful for the advice and encouragements received from them. It motivates them to further give you encouragements and will create a great impression on them as well.

So what are you waiting for? Try this out at your workplace and you will be amazed to see the difference.

Good luck…


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