8 Reasons why you should Learn English Speaking

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28 Nov 2018

8 Reasons why you should Learn English Speaking

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“Learning a language is to understand others; to form connections.” – Anonymous

Need a little motivation to learn English? We are here to help.

There are many reasons to learn this language. You will be able to make more progress in life without putting in much effort if you master English speaking. Moreover, this global language will help you open up new avenues to grow.

Don’t think that learning English will harm your culture. In fact, it will do the opposite. The following list of the reasons to learn English speaking will help you to understand this topic with much clarity.

You can apply for better jobs

Having a high-paying job is a dream of many. What’s the best way to advance your career?

It’s by learning new things. And learning the most popular language on the planet will help you become a better communicator in the office. It will open up new avenues for your professional growth.

Having a good grasp of the English language will make you eligible for many new jobs. You will be able to apply for better jobs with your knowledge. You can get a promotion on your current job as well.

Learning English will benefit you especially if you are applying for a job in customer service, management or sales. That’s because you will be able to communicate in a more popular language.

Many businesses see English as a more professional language too and learning it will get you a better job there.

You can travel further

English is spoken in over 50 different countries as the primary or official language. It is the third most common language in the world. This means after learning spoken English, you will be able to travel to many new countries.

Learning about a spoken English conversation will let you go to most of the major countries in the world. You can also travel to those places where English is not the primary language. You will no longer be restricted to a few miles.

You can get access to better content

Do you like Hollywood movies? Or maybe you are a fan of Stephen Hawking? Learning English will help.

Learning English will give you access to a lot of new content. You will be able to watch international films and novels without any difficulty. Although spoken English is a little different from written, it will not take you much to learn the latter.

You will not have to remain limited within your local entertainment. You will have more choices. Most of the non-English content is also dubbed in English such as French or Japanese. So, you will get access to the content of many countries.

You can make international friends

Making international friends is quite easy nowadays. You can contact people through social media or the internet without going anywhere, irrespective of the place. By learning English you will be speaking a global language.

And when you travel to foreign countries, you will get the chance to make new friends as well. you will be able to develop international contacts. Talking to people from foreign places will not be a difficult task for you.

You can expand your knowledge

“You cannot open a book without learning something.” – Confucius

English literature is of exceptional quality. Some of the greatest books of all time are written in English. You will be able to read them without any problem and expand your knowledge.

For example, Napolean Hill wrote the famous Think and Grow Rich in English, which is termed as the greatest self-help book of all time. It started the self-help trend. Or, try Geetanjali, a Nobel-prize winner for Literature written by Rabindranath Tagore.

You can also read the poetry of Emerson or William Shakespeare. Imagine the possibilities when you will be able to read some of the best books ever written without any hassle.

Most of the curriculum of science colleges (especially engineering and medical) uses English as the primary language. You can understand now how it will benefit you.

You can increase your self-confidence

Not being able to speak in English can lower the self-confidence of a person. However, that will no longer be the case.

You will be able to have conversations with your colleagues and customers in English without a problem. Having this knowledge will increase your self-confidence which will also lift your self-esteem.

You can write to a wider audience

Do you like to write?

If you do, having a good grasp of this language will help you reach a wider audience. Especially with the help of the internet, you will be able to create content that can reach millions of people in a matter of seconds.

You can start a blog or write posts that can be read by more people than ever before. All because you will be able to write everything in fluent English.

You can strengthen your culture

Some people fear that learning English is harmful to their culture. But they don’t understand that learning English only helps in making their culture stronger.

You will be able to connect with more people. If you want to spread a positive message, a wider audience will be able to listen to you. You will be able to teach others about your culture with less difficulty.


Overall, learning any new language, particularly English, can transform your life. You will open new opportunities for yourself without any problem.

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