12 Mar 2018


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Airports are busy places bustling with Welcomes and Goodbyes. Today we speak about the Transition from the Check-in counter to alighting the destination Airport.

Once at the Airport we walk towards the Check-in counter where the executive asks us for our passport and Ticket. Thereafter they will pose us a few questions like ‘How many pieces of luggage do you have?’, or ‘Do you have any electronics or questionable items in your bag?’ To these questions, we reply accordingly with a Yes or a No. The bag we carry will always be tagged by the executives at the airport.

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Ask for a seat you’d prefer like ‘Could I get a seat at the aisle?’ or ‘Could I get a seat at the window?’ The executive would check the availability and accommodate you accordingly.

If you are not accustomed to the airport ask for directions ‘Can you direct me to Gate Number 1?’ The executive will always tell you to go left, right or up the escalator towards you’re assigned Gate number, always affirm by repeating after them ‘OK so I go towards the right, Thank you!’

Before arriving at the gate the airport authorities do a security check of the luggage you carry and also there is a manual full body check. The Personnel’s will request you to remove all electronics from the bags you carry including phones, laptops, loose chargers, pen drives etc. We need to put them into a tray and slide our bags unto the machine for an X-ray. Always dispose all liquids from the bags. Alongside we too have to undergo a security check wherein we are asked to carry our Boarding Pass to be stamped after our check is done.

The Arrival and Departure Monitors are displayed everywhere at the airport. Sometimes flights are rescheduled, in such situations Announcements are certain. However sometimes we miss out and have to do a reality check looking at the Arrival/Departure Monitor.

The area near the gate has provisions for shopping along with eateries and rest rooms. Once you’re flight is on the Runway and ready to board, the crew announces the same. It is necessary to keep you’re boarding pass ready to be stamped.

Once in the flight, the Flight Attendants will always be there to help us. Always keep the carry bags in the given Overhead Apartment, it helps us to get enough leg space.The Attendants then start their instruction’s which guide us to use the necessary objects like oxygen mask ,the water float and the emergency exits. They are shown how to be used in case of dire situations where the Airplane has to make an Emergency Landing. Always pay close attention if you are new, else we always need to respect the attendant as they have their efforts involved. You’re comfort and safety is their purpose. After a certain time the Pursers and Air Hostesses come around with water, beverages, meals and snacks. They ask if we need anything, you can ask questions – ‘Can I please get a glass of water?’ or ‘Could I have a chilled can of juice?’ or ‘What are the meals served?’ Specify vegan or non-vegan. Acknowledge the crew for their service with a ‘Thank you’ later. You will be asked to turn off you’re mobiles, laptops or any electronic devices as it may interfere with the signals in the cockpit. We will be told to fasten our Seat Belts for our safety which is especially of importance during storms and turbulence.

Once we reach our destination an announcement will be made in the flight to collect all our belongings. Also, we will be instructed towards the destination of our luggage.

If one is new to the destination we can always ask the Customer Support staff to help us towards a Taxi once we are at the airport. You may ask – ‘Excuse me! Can you help me with getting a taxi?’ Airports are a Customer Friendly and you will always be guided with the proper usage of Language.


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