Skills Training

Speakwell Academy’s Skills Training Courses In Mumbai

India is a country of young people with the potential to be the labour force of the world. If you look at any corner of the world, you will find that there are Indians everywhere. This globalization also demands that Indians should stay on par with their counterparts in other countries, be it regarding spoken English skills, effective communication skills, vocational skills, education, experience, etc. Thus, the biggest challenge that the Industry and the policy makers of the country are facing with is the lack of skills within this massive labour force. Thus, a new field has emerged and evolved that is committed to the skills development of the Indian population as a whole! Speakwell Skills Academy has been one of the leading academies for skills development in Mumbai, focused on training and honing the skills of the youth in Mumbai. Speakwell is uniquely placed to offer a variety of service sector skills which builds on the communication capability of the person and provides them one of the industry skills mentioned below which will empower them to grow their careers by leaps and bounds.

We have trained and placed several hundred individuals in the following sectors:
1) Retail Sector Skills
2) ITES Sector Skills
3) Telecom Sector Skills
4) Sales Skills
5) Banking Sector Skills
6) Digital Marketing Skills