10 Jun 2022

How to improve your child’s English skills?

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As a father of 4 children and as the CEO of Speakwell English Academy, I have always wanted all my kids to be well versed in the English language. I always wanted them to have a good vocabulary of words and be proper with their sentences. I mean no grammatical errors and of course, the confidence to speak.
Now, this is desirable thinking for all parents and I was nothing of an exception in wishing for this. This is exactly what my dad would also have desired. Yet, my dad was an English fanatic. He was obsessed with the English language or for that matter everything to do with language whether it was English, Urdu, or Malayalam. As kids during our childhood, we siblings were always surrounded by dictionaries. English to Urdu, Urdu to Malayalam, Malayalam to English.

Unintentionally, my dad laid the foundation for good English skills amongst us. My brother after his MBA ended up being a financial journalist writing excellent articles in Economic times and then later on moving on to equity analyst and then a fund manager. But, his English skills served him well. As for me, I ended up founding an English language class.

I have been working with my kids to improve their English skills and have implemented these methods within the Speakwell curriculum. These are highly effective methods that work wonders while the kids are growing up. One of the important daily routines that my wife has been religiously practicing with the kids is the daily half an hour book reading while they were in the primary school right up to the 9th standard. A dictionary is part of our bookshelves. It should be for every household where kids are growing up.

My kids were used to noting down difficult words and searching them in the dictionary. I had designed a book which I named “My journey with English” so that they can note down these words in that book and also write down the meaning. Even make another sentence of their own. This book was introduced to the students of Speakwell, my language school and that has served well over time. For younger kids till the age of 8, the book also provides a place to draw something related to the word. The word is etched into their memory.

Moreover, the quest to learn new words becomes interesting with drawing and coloring. All this does one thing with the kids, he starts to like the language and that’s the key. Once we achieve that then they become good speakers of the English language over the next few years. Then maybe, as a parent, you need to groom their public speaking skills. I hope you liked reading this article. Please share it with friends. You can order a copy of the My journey with English for your kid and hand hold your kid into this arena of good English skills. If you need our mentors to help you with this process then we can assign someone from our list of mentors who will help your child navigate through this without any stress or an extra burden of learning something new.

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