Speakwell Promise

Conversation Oriented Course

The Speakwell course provides maximum conversation practice for the student and ensures that the student is fluent in English. Our courseware and the mobile app is all structured around conversations and help the student to achieve fluency in English.

Every Center has the Best Trainer

We hire some of the best trainer and ensure that each and every center has a well-qualified and certified trainer, who makes your learning of English extremely easy and fun.

Fluency Guaranteed

We make sure that every candidate who enrolls passes out as a fluent speaker of English. We give rigorous practice and conduct in class activities which ensures the student is fluent in English.

Become Speakwell Certified

At the end of the course, each student undergoes a centralized assessment (test) and gets a certificate which rates the student on their proficiency in English. This certificate is recognized in the corporate sector and is used to judge a candidate’s English level.

Speakwell EcoSystem

Speakwell offers the whole range of English language training from Basic to Advanced level.

Beginner Course

Beginner Course is for those who have written exposure to English but are struggling to form sentences and have a conversation. For these candidates, the Speakwell course offers courseware and practice books which help them deal with the challenges of sentence formation and having small conversations.

Advanced Course

Advanced Course is for those who already speak some English and are looking at conversation fluency. This course has emphasis on Spoken as well as written aspects suited for the corporate executive. The stress is on public speaking and on corporate level communications like email writing, etc.

Skill Development Programmes

As an NSDC Training Partner Speakwell offers several skill development programmes for the Retail Sector, Telecom Sector, Gems & Jewelry Sector. All the Speakwell students get access to these skill development courses at the Speakwell Centers and can take benefit of the skilling initiative of the Govt.

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