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Best Spoken English Speaking Course in Pune | Best Spoken English Classes in Pune

Speakwell Center for English Speaking in Pune

Pune is turning into a land of opportunities. If you want to make the most of all the options available in the city, it is important to have good English speaking skills. Speakwell has many centres in the city, which are helping students, professionals and even housewives to learn the language and put it to everyday use. This gives you the confidence to speak well at meetings, presentations and in interviews. We offer face-to-face learning at all the centres of Speakwell, which helps you to learn faster. With this form of learning, studentsenjoy the process and learn at the same time. There are a number of Speakwell training centres in Pune so you can pick one that is close to your location.

When you come to the centre, we first assess the level of your English language skills.Once we have adjudged that, we suggest the right course for you.

The Benefits of Studying at Speakwell

Learning English in Pune is easy now because we a number of speaking courses tailor-made to suit different levels of proficiency. The trainers at Speakwellare taught to provide professional English teaching. There are many advantages of learning English at Speakwell:

Trained Faculty

Our Speakwell Centers in Pune have a team of well-trained and experienced teachers. They use a number of interactive English learning techniques, which help the student to learn the language easily. They use innovative teaching methodology, which helps teachers and students to achieve their aims faster. This learning is further enhanced with using verbal discussions as a mainstay.

One-on-One Learning

Speakwellprovides a personalized learning environment. This means, the teacher designs and undertakes the course in a manner that the student gets direct benefit from it. Constant student-teacher interaction also enables better learning. The Speakwell center in Pune helps students to learn spoken English using interactive audios and videos. Our faculty is always ready to help you learn English in a way that it is easy for you to pick up.

Learning from friends

We encourage a lot of interactions and discussions in class, which helps students to learn from their friends. They are able to learn new words with such a constant interaction. Students also learn from the mistakes their friends in class make. The small class size makes it easy for us to give attention to such learning.

Step-by-step learning

We offer a planned and gradual learning process so that students learn faster. This also helps us to take care of the level of difficulty of the student.

Benefits of spoken English courses at Speakwell:

1) Detailedcourseware for different difficulty levels
2) Course includes set of 7 books
3) Course ware available in the form of DVDs and mobile app
4) A/V lessonsare incorporated in all classes
5) We also offer job assistance through our placement cell
5) All centers enjoy state-of-the-art A/V setup in the classrooms