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Best Spoken English Speaking Course in Mumbai | English Speaking Classes in Mumbai

At Speakwell Center For English Speaking Classes In Mumbai

One of the most preferred methods for learning English is the face to face learning at one of the Speakwell centers in Mumbai. In this mode, the student enrols for training at one of the Speakwell centers. At the center, we have trained staff who will assess your current level of English language expertise and then based on your current level the counsellor will advice you on the best possible course option. You can discuss your preferred timings.

The top 5 advantages of joining a Speakwell Center

Trained Faculty

At the Mumbai Speakwell Center, you will get the best in class English language faculty member who will train you on and coach you to pick up the English language.

Personalized approach

At the Speakwell center in Mumbai, you will receive a set of courseware which you will use to learn the subject. You will get personalized attention and the faculty member will help you in topics which are difficult for you with some examples given specifically for you. If you find a particular topic difficult, the faculty member will give you specific tips on how to pick up that topic. The faculty member may also give you extra time for such practice.

Interaction amongst other students

In the classroom the best advantage is that you can interact with your classmates and experience Speaking in English language. Since all of them are learning English language communication you can make your mistakes and not bother that they will make fun of you. You do not have the fear of speaking inside the class.

Step by step approach with guidance

In the classroom, we follow a step by step method by which you can slowly and gradually learn the English language under the expert guidance of the trainer.

Conversation practice

In the classroom, we undertake grammar class and conversation class simultaneously. We provide a lot of conversation practice to our students, so the student gets the advantage of having practiced what was learnt in the classroom.

The other advantages of Speakwell Center in Mumbai is:

1) Well designed Courseware: We provide a set of 7 books with complete audio video lesson in the form of 2 DVDs or a mobile app which runs on your Android phone
2) Courseware in India languages
3) Job assistance through our placement cell
4) Other job oriented courses
5) Audio visual setup in the classroom by which students watch lesson videos and later on make their own presentations
6) All our centers in Mumbai and Pune are located within commuting distance and hence are easily accessible