23 Apr 2018


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Power Point Preparation is the key to your Presentation. It helps fill the abyss between your ideas and the audience. Using Power point built-in-clipart especially the 2003 version is a crass decision, as it is extremely commonplace. Anything after 2007 will do.

  1. Brainstorm a Theme for your presentation. Anything that has a theme co-ordinates with the flow of the presentation.
  2. Icons are a great choice for presentations. We can level up using them to create a better visual effect.
  3. Choose fonts carefully. We need to combine 2-3 different font sizes and theme fonts. This helps break the monotony of the screen. Go BIG on the fonts. No one wants to see a crammed document full of letters. Get the Key Words OUT to be Bold thus you define the important words to the audience to emphasize your points.
  4. Use ART. Ex. use ‘UNSPLASH’ for beautiful Images, a visually pleasant picture will keep the onlookers waiting and hooked for more. Also remember to add a Proper Perspective to these images. Make use of White spaces, overlay Text on Images
  5. Do make use of the great gift of internet for preparing the presentation and making it more effective. Couple of little tweaks can dramatically improve your content and you can tailor make your presentation with great ease and ability. Use clipart that is freely available. Our imagination has grown from picture associated words in our forming years to our present state of mind, therefore it is but understandable for our mind to relate to pictures rather than heavy data and texts. Images are easier to instill thoughts than words in an audience that can connect with images.
  6. Play with colors. Colors allure our eyes. When we were kids, comics appeased us as they were picturesque and colorful. Bring out the child in you.
  7. Use humor, empathize with your audience and help them release the discomfort of being and looking really official. Connection is everything, it helps people relax and keep an open mind towards the assimilation of your ideas.
  8. We need to get the people in sync with explanation and diagrams can be kept to the bare minimum. Always keep your data handy and hidden from the public eye and keeping some tricks up your sleeve which will help you when questions arise. Accountability can instill confidence in the listeners and therefore we win a listening ear or at the least an apt audience.
  9. Use only what is relevant. When we use and follow the old adages of charts, pie designs, bullets, tables and graphs the presentation sometimes gets confusing and boring. Its monotony diminishes the crux of the matter. Less is more. Much Information can cause an overload on the minds of individuals. It is thus not appropriate to keep feeding information but it is the connection during the power point presentation you make that matters.

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So, friends there were few tips to help you prepare a PPT for your next presentation.


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