19 Mar 2018


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I once heard a friends saying – “I am getting cold feet.” I looked at her feet and found that normal. She started laughing and then explained that it means being nervous before a big event. Did you ever face such a situation?

Let’s have a look at few other idioms with body parts.

  1. Cold feet – nervous just before a big event

Example – My friend got cold feet the moment her name was announced to go for the competition.

  1. All ears – listening with whole attention

Example – Give me a moment to finish my work and I will be all ears to your story.

  1. Cost an arm and a leg – something very expensive

Example – Our house renovation coast an arm and a leg.

  1. Cry your heart out – to weep bitterly for a long time

Example – She felt better after crying her heart out.

  1. Face the music – to bear with unpleasant consequences

Example – After failing in the exam, Rohit had to face the music from his parents.

  1. Give a hand – help someone do something

Example – She gave her mother a helping hand

  1. Head over heals – deeply in love

Example – Jason was head over heals over his new girlfriend.

  1. Keep an eye on – take care of

Example – Could you please keep an eye on the kids until I finish cooking?

  1. Let one’s hair down – to relax after a stressful period

Example – After a tiring day at work, all friends let their hair down at the club house.

  1. Seal one’s lips – promise to keep a secret

Example – My lips are sealed. I won’t tell anyone about your boyfriend.

  1. Makes my blood boil – makes me very angry

Example – When someone disrespects women, it makes Tom’s blood boil.

  1. Old hand – an experienced person

Romeo is an old hand at preparing presentations.

  1. Pull one’s leg – make fun of someone

Example – We pulled their leg by telling them that the party has been cancelled.

  1. Wash one’s hand of something – withdraw oneself from something

Jenny washed her hands of the project after she realized that few people had stolen money.

  1. Thick in the head – not very intelligent

Example – She is thick in the heard when it comes to current affairs.

These were our idioms with body parts. You can now easily understand what people mean when they use these idioms. Do use these idioms in your English conversations as it will add richness to your language. Keep speaking, keep learning!


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