App Install

Speakwell Mobile App:

This CD contains Speakwell folder along with a Video & PDF Folders of approx. 862 MB.

Usage Information:

Device Type:  Compatible with all Android versions only.

Space Requirements: Approximately 1GB free space in internal or external memory.

Installation Procedure:

1.From the CD provided to you, you need to copy the Speakwell folder from the CD into your PC.

2.From the PC you can now copy the same folder into the internal or external memory of your device.

3.You should copy the Speakwell Folder only into the root folder of your memory. Else the app will give a response – file not found.

4.If you are trying to transfer the Speakwell folder from PC to device with any sharing app such as SHAREIT, SOFTWARE DATA CABLE etc, it will be found in subfolder of the respective apps. You should cut the Speakwell folder from the sub-folder of the sharing apps and paste it to the root directory.

5.After copying the file into your device please check its detail. Its size should be 862MB. If the size is not matching with the copied file then it means that the file has not been copied properly. Repeat the copy process till you see Speakwell folder size 862MB. Else contact Speakwell Support No. 022-61321507.

6.From File Manager find where you copied the Speakwell Folder. Inside the folder, you can click on the speakwellMain1.apk file. For Marathi version speakwellMain2.apk and start the installation process.

7.If it displays any error such as third party applications then you should enable your device to install third party applications. This option is available in your Settings, check box unknown sources, it will also ask you for permission while installing the app.

8.Now, after doing all this process install the app. It will take approximately 5 mins.

9.Once you have installed the app you have to note that you should not launch it directly, you should remember to exit all recent apps running in your device for smooth functioning.

10.Before opening the app you should note that your device should have active internet connection for the first time for registration purpose.

11.You should also have a Registration Code which has to be purchased from Speakwell. Call 022-61321507.

12.Open the app it will ask you to provide details, try to enter all the details. You now need to enter the code that you purchased from Speakwell.

13.The Speakwell App will authenticate this code with our server and activate the App. For this you will require an internet connection on your device. Once the registration/activation is successful the app will start working. After this you do not need any internet connection at all.

14.Please note that this activation key will not work on any other device. It will work only on the device on which you activate the key for the first time. Make a note of this key. In case, the device gets formatted or the application gets uninstalled and you want to reinstall the Speakwell App then the same key will be valid.

Safety Information:

  • The registration code provided to you can be installed in one device only. It will not work for any other device for that you need to buy a new code.
  • You need to keep the Registration code safely. Because once you uninstall the app if you try to install it again then the same Registration code will work for your device.
  • If you loose the code you need to purchase a new one for the same app in same device.
  • You should not delete any folder of Speakwell also inside the Speakwell folder such as videos and pdf. If you rename and make changes to any files in it the app will stop working.